Best Web Browsers for Linux

In this article we will list the best web browsers you can have on your Linux computer. All of these browsers can be used on Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution. Linux web browsers come in a number of different forms, such as open source, proprietary and proprietary.

Some Linux-compatible web browsers have versions of browsers for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, but some of them are Linux-only.

Linux users can choose from a wide range of free and open source web browser options that play on the platform. There are a number of free and open source web browser options on the market that can be used absolutely free of charge.

Mozilla Firefox

It’s worth noting that Mozilla’s Firefox is the same browser that a lot of people use on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems, but it’s Firefox that’s most popular among Linux users and The one that is most important to users.

There are a number of other open source web browsers for Linux that are free and open source, and are also suitable for users who are most interested in web browsing, web design and web performance. Firefox has long been a favorite for Linux users, and even Windows users at one time, when it began to disrupt Internet Explorer’s market share.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, mostly for users of Android, Windows, and Mac OS, but it’s also available for Linux and is popular there too. Most web pages load quickly in Chrome, and the web browser is very fast in general. It does use a lot of RAM compared to some browsers, however.

Using a lighter web browser would give a better experience on older machines with less memory, as an alternative to getting a faster computer. Another downside is that Chrome is not open source, and there are privacy concerns with Google’s tracking.

Chrome’s “incognito mode” made it one of the first browsers with a private browsing feature. Although it was marketed for things like ordering gifts, we all know that many people use this for watching porn and playing sex games.


Chromium is probably the best choice for users who want to use Google Chrome but prefer a fully open browser maintained by its open source community. In my experience, Chromium is the best free and open source web browser available for Linux.

It is compatible Chrome add-ons, and there any many alternatives to popular Firefox add-ons, making it is a good choice for anyone who is tired of Mozilla Firefox and wants a better open-source web browser on Linux. If your machine has enough RAM for Chrome or Chromium, I find it to be much better than the standard Firefox on Linux.


Konqueror is an open source web browser that deserves to be on our list of the best browsers for Linux. It is really a great web browser supported by GTK 2 and GTK 3 and based on WebKit.

It has all the features like bookmarks, autofill and spell checker that are found in more popular web browsers. It also has a lot of lighter web browsers, but it has many other features that you can find in some of the most popular web sites like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.


IceCat is an open source, free, open source web browser based on Firefox. It works on Ubuntu, with Raspbian Linux on the Raspberry Pi, or any other Linux distro.

Do you use something else?

Have a look at our list above and tell us which one you like best, or let us know if you use something different! I think that using more than one web browser is a good idea, as some web browsers display web pages better than other web pages.

We have used many Linux web browsers And I bet there’s plenty more to try and use, but thought it would be great to discuss the best web browser for Linux that you can try now.