Ways You Can Game on Ubuntu

Gaming on Linux has taken a huge leap forward in recent years, with many different solutions that make fiddling with WINE unnecessary. You can switch away from Windows and still play your games and use many Windows-only applications.

Whether you are an older Linux user who has never really cared about game performance or a new user who dips a toe into Linux games, I will help you get your games running as smoothly as possible.

Steam Play

Many Windows-only games on Linux can be played with Wine, but Valve has improved support for Linux by introducing a new feature called Steam Play, which brings more Windows games to Linux, including many popular AAA-titles, indie games, and adult-only games.

Make sure you have the best graphics drivers, make sure you are using the latest version of Ubuntu, which is officially supported by Valve.

Users with a Radeon GPU should install proprietary AMD drivers because although the Open Source drivers are pre-installed, they often don’t perform as well and can cause other issues.

Some games on Steam are natively supported. What makes CS:GO so great for Linux users is that it is natively designed to run perfectly on Linux OS.

Ubuntu GamePack

Ubuntu GamePack is a modified version of Ubuntu made just for gaming. It not only can run many Windows and Linux games, but can run games for consoles such as  Sega, Nintendo, PSP, Sony PlayStation, and ZX Spectrum.

It includes a platform called Lutris, which is a single location for installing, launching, and managing all of your games.

It is also worth noting that Lutris is integrated with the latest version of the Linux kernel, as well as a number of other Linux distributions.


Play a number of popular Windows games on Linux with Phoenicis (formerly known as PlayOnLinux).

With this new wine-based project, you can play tons of Windows games on Ubunutu, and the project is improving constantly. Which is used for gold trading and even for cryptocurrencies.

This makes it much easier to get your games working in WINE, since someone else has already figured out how to configure everything.

In Closing

If you are a hardcore gaming enthusiast and there are numerous high-end and sophisticated games available today that are Ubuntu compatible, you may be able to easily switch from Ubuntu to Windows.

If you like other Linux distributions for games, please let us know in the comments section below.