Wubi Guide

Wubi documentation, tips, and troubleshooting are provided in the Wubi Guide

Wubi Support Forum

For support relating to the Wubi installer, you can ask in the Wubi forum

Ubuntu Support Forum

Ubuntu web forums (English) provide an excellent place for you to get support on Ubuntu post-installation issues and meet other Ubuntu users and developers. You should observe the Code of Conduct on these forums as you would on any Ubuntu list or site.

Ubuntu Chat Channels

There are a number of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels on the Freenode network (irc.freenode.net) used for support or development of Ubuntu. The best place to start for general help with Ubuntu or just to meet other Ubuntu users is #ubuntu or one of the many local language channels.

There is also a range of more specialised channels dealing with the derivatives #kubuntu, #edubuntu, #xubuntu as well as channels relating to development, bugs, LoCo teams, accessibility and documentation. You can see a list of current channels on this wiki page. When participating in Ubuntu IRC channels, please abide by the Code of Conduct

Ubuntu Documentation

Click here for the official documentaion and here fore the community contributed documentation

Ubuntu Commercial support

Commercial support for Ubuntu and its derivatives is available from Ubuntu Global support Services team, Ubuntu partners and a range of other providers listed in the Ubuntu Marketplace